Trauma is a big, one-time event which threatens a person’s life, body, or sanity. These are the hardest possible stresses. Unfortunately these happen to many people sometime in their lives.

The best definition we have heard comes from the book Option B:



“A traumatic experience is a seismic event that shakes our belief in a just world, robbing us of the sense that life is controllable, predictable, and meaningful.”



People who experience a Trauma or multiple Traumas often experience extreme stress and challenging situations afterwards. One of the hardest outcomes is Post Traumatic Stress. Fortunately, many people experience Post Traumatic Growth. This can even be obtained after experiencing PTSD.

For Information on Post Traumatic Growth, click here.

There is growing push in Psychology to Prepare People for Trauma. Since Trauma is common, it can be helpful to grow resilience before. Grow Your Resilience Here