Small Victories

Small Victories

Focusing on Small Victories each day can re-frame the world in a positive way. It is often tempting to focus on things that go wrong, but this can perpetuate a negative state of mind. Small Victories can be a fun way to think about the positives.

A Small Victory could be :

  • Making the bed in the morning
  • Cooking a healthy meal
  • Catching the bus
  • Holding the door open for someone

When to Use?

Small Victories are a tool that can be helpful both in good times and hard times.

In hard times, they are one way of changing your attention to positive things. They can even be helpful after a very hard stress. Even if your energy is quite low, this can be a simple yet powerful tool.

When life is going well, Small Victories continue to show us things for which we can be grateful.

Try it:

  1. Try to find 3 Small Victories a day – write them down.
  2. At the end of the day, congratulate yourself on your Small Victories.
  3. Consider sharing them with a friend.
  4. Try doing this for the whole week.
  5. At the end of the week, reflect on how it feels to consider Small Victories.

If it is helpful, make finding Small Victories a daily habit.



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