Curiosity about the world allows us to maintain and excited and child-like mentality which allows us to question and change.

Turning this curiosity inwardly can have huge benefits. When we are discussing deeply ingrained habits, such as use of substances or unhealthy eating, using a curious attitude towards ourselves can help us change.

Psychiatrist Judson Brewer discusses how non-judgemental and mindful curiosity towards our actions vastly increases our chance of quitting smoking. With this mindset, we simply become interested in when and why we do unhealthy things. Simple attention and awareness in this way can lead us to realizations that make us cut down.


The goal here is to pay attention and be curious, not specifically to change your habit.

  1. Pick a habit you seek to think about (eg: smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, sedentary decisions)
  2. Turn your mindset to Self-Curious – remember to be non-judgemental with yourself.
  3. Pay attention and be interested when you are tempted or have cravings to do this habit. Feel free to continue with the habit as usual.
  4. When you consider doing the habit, what thoughts are going through your mind?
  5. Next, pay attention to what happens to yourself when you do the habit. What sensations do you have and how do you feel?
  6. Last, ask yourself how you feel 15 to 30 minutes after the habit – Did it help you? Did it do what you expected?

Self-Curiosity can help us pay attention to ourselves and our habits. Interestingly, simple awareness often causes us to choose change.



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