General Concepts

General Concepts

Resilience has been something studied for decades and discussed throughout history. Even still, it is hard to come up with a formula to grow it. People are all adaptable in different ways and people all react differently to various Stresses. Since people are complicated, science has had a hard time studying specific traits.

Overall, there are many similarities between us, such as how important Resilience and Coping are for our well-being. However, we all have our own solutions for Stress that may not work for another person.


Where Does Resilience Come From?

Our resilience is made from the ways our brains and bodies are wired – this is from a combination of genetics and learning from our past experiences. This is a learnable process and a modifiable trait. Like many personality traits, experiences and learning play a much greater role in growing resilience than our genetics. We often learn Resilience unconsciously by dealing with hard things. However, one amazing thing is that we can actually teach and learn Coping and Resilience as an applied skill.

Resilience is a powerful technology. We believe that given the inevitability of human hardship, this technology will be one of the most important of our modern civilization.


Growing Resilient

To grow resilience, these are things to try:

  • Make connections to others
  • Embrace challenges
  • Be willing to make a mistake or to fail
  • Try new skills and hobbies
  • Use humour to keep smiling and laughing
  • Take time to keep the body healthy
  • Try to avoid blame and negative mindsets/attitudes
  • Find Meaning
  • Continue to Hope


Science and people are learning more and more about Resilience. As new ideas develop and studies are performed we will keep you updated.